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Listen Shine Radio – Radio online for you!

Internet radio listening has never been more fun than with Shine Radio. We make online radio for you and you can listen directly via your laptop, tablet, computer or smartphone!

From Lunteren on the Veluwe we can not only be heard in the Netherlands, but all over the world.

And we do that for you!. In our live broadcasts you will meet Ron de Jong, among others. The live programs are fully equipped for you. You can participate in competitions, tell us how your day was and of course you can request all the songs you want to hear. For yourself, for your loved one or for your neighbor or a friend.

You decide what we play during the live broadcasts.


Why online listen to Shine Radio?

There are a lot of radio programs and channels. They are best known for the enormous amount of advertising. Because Shine Radio makes programs for you, you will not find any advertising with us.

We are not for profit, we want to make professional radio with a romantic twist, a smile and sometimes a tear.

Let's face it: When you are studying during the day, working or busy at home, listening to the internet radio is always pleasant as a business in the background. But not when a DJ is too busy with himself, or conducts complete interviews with people who do not interest you. That's why Shine Radio spins non-stop the best music of today, from the past and from even longer ago. Without annoying DJs, without advertising. Just good music for you, so you can always take Shine Radio with you.


The best live programs for our listeners

Listen to your radio late at night to close the day well? Then Shine Radio is your radio station.

Every Mondayevening, Tuesdayevening, Thursdayevening and Friday night Ron de Jong closes the day between 22:00 and midnight with the program 'With Ron the Night in'. 
The program that attracts more and more people to the internet radio all over the world, it does not become more international!

For lovers of organ music there is a special program with organ music on Sunday evening.

Definitely worth listening!

Shine Radio on the App!

Do you always want to listen to Shine Radio? Are you often on the move or do you just want to be able to use your mobile to listen to the best music without advertising? Then our app is of course the perfect solution. You can download the application from Shine Radio directly here so that you can listen online within a few minutes to the radio station that is made for you.

And what about our own YouTube channel? Shine Radio is the radio station for you and can be heard anywhere and anytime. Whether you want to listen to non-stop music, with our Ron de Nacht, want to go back in time with Valeria or listen to the non-stop.

Shine Radio is ready for you!